Rewarding your positive actions

Greenspace at Durham University

Greenspace was created in 2010 to bring together all of Durham University’s environmental plans, policies and procedures. 

Greenspace is managed by the University's Energy and Sustainability Team, who coordinate environmental initiatives across the University with the help of Environment Champions, Student Representatives and Steering Groups. 

It has been an incredible journey: from first launching the Green Move Out in 2005 and becoming Fairtrade certified in 2007, to more recently achieving the Platinum Eco Campus award in 2020.

My Greenspace is all about bringing together the community of students and staff at Durham and showing us all that small actions do add up to a big difference. 

Join our Greenspace movement and find out more about sustainability at Durham University

Welcome to My Greenspace

My Greenspace was created to bring together students and staff at Durham University to achieve our sustainability and wellbeing targets. 

My Greenspace is an interactive programme available for everyone at Durham. We want as many people to join our Greenspace movement as possible and reward you for your positive behaviours that improve individual and university-wide sustainability and wellbeing. We know that small acts add up to make a big difference and that together we have the power to create real change. 


Now that you've created your account you'll be able to earn Green Points for your actions. There are a whole range of activities for you to take part in under six My Greenspace themes: Biodiversity, Energy and Water, Waste, Travel, Health and Wellbeing and Get Involved.

Each activity has a full description of what you'll need to do to earn Green Points - some will require you to share a photo of your efforts, we've got plenty of quizzes for you to get stuck into, whilst others will invite you to report your actions on a weekly basis.

You'll automatically be opted in to our Report Your Recycling and Switch Off activities as these are actions we can all take. You'll see these in your weekly reminder as well as any additional activities that you opt-in to. There are plenty of activities for you to take part in through the platform and make sure to keep an eye out for new activities popping up!

Leader Board

The leader board on the homepage shows how you're performing compared to your colleagues and how your team is doing compared to other departments.

You will then have chosen your team based on either your College or the department you work in. You'll compete as an individual and as a team with your Green Points showing on our leader board.


While earning Green Points for your positive actions can make you feel great - we want you to get rewarded for your efforts too!

There are plenty of prizes available for individuals taking part in My Greenspace, as well as a top prize for the winning team. You'll get the chance to win:

A £20 voucher for the top four performing individuals every month - view the choice of vouchers here

A £200 donation for the top team to donate to a charity of their choice - view the charity shortlist and vote for your favourite here

You'll be able to see how you and your team are performing on the leader boards on the homepage. View the leaderboard now.

Effort and Impact

Climate change is something that affects us all and that's why we want My Greenspace to be accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Next to each activity, you'll be able to see an Effort and an Impact rating out of five. This is to give you an idea of which activities we consider tougher than others, and those which will have a bigger impact, either for sustainability or wellbeing.

However, we understand that effort can mean something different to everyone. Your individual effort to achieve an action may be higher or lower than the rating indicated, they are just for guidance.

When we talk about tackling the climate emergency, we need everyone to take the actions and steps that they are able to in order to make a difference. No matter how big or small, each action you take adds up to a big difference. Some actions you might find are easy to achieve and come almost as second nature, whilst others may challenge you to get creative and think how can you best take part.

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5. Any Questions?

Click here to read up on our Frequently Asked Questions page. Should you continue to struggle finding an answer to your questions then please feel free to contact us via our Contact Us page.